Gastronomic delight and an authentic experience

at a historic Dubrovnik landmark.




Welcome to Lazarettos

Just as in the old days, when travellers from all over the world met and made memories here, today, friends, couples and families create their own.

92,oo kn

Seafood tagliatelle

Calamari, mussels, shrimps, tomato sauce

106,oo kn

Pork fillet with baked sheep cheese

Side dish of your choice

132,oo kn

Beefsteak tagliatta

Parmesan cheese, arugula, dressing

102,oo kn

Pasta with truffles

Truffles, pasta, white sauce


What our guests said:

“Very nice place”

We were in many restaurants in Dubrovnik, but Kavana Lazareti have the best value for money. Delicious food, very nice service and decent wine.”  Tripadvisor


“Kavana Lazareti has delightful and intimate atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and kind and the food is fabulous. When in Dubrovnik, I highly recommend visiting this lovely place”  Tripadvisor

“Perfect ambiance”

“This restaurant is a dream. It is just outside the famous walls of Dubrovnik. The ambiance is perfect! My wife and me we ate excellent sea food…”   Tripadvisor

“Charming place”

“Very nice and cozy place, delicious food and kind waiters. Many thanks to Ivan, he had some extraordinary recommendations.  Tripadvisor

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8:00 – 00:00

097 676 7114


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